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As a freelance marketing translator and copywriter, I translate from English and Italian into French and offer my proofreading services in French. 

I am a native French speaker and hold a Master's in Marketing & Business Management with a specialization in international trade. 

Having lived in and travelled around England, Italy and France, I am sensitive to the cultural differences of these countries.

I have worked with different international businesses on commercial development matters and for marketing purposes, especially in IT (computer hardware and software), but also in the environmental domain (sustainable energies) among others.


Areas of Specialization...

I have worked for numerous worldwide companies and gained a global vision of their translation needs, especially in the following domains: 


 International Trade


Information Technology


My portfolio includes translations of many different types of document (market studies, business plans, website content, brochures, spec. sheets, etc.) for various product types and services (IT, tourism, fashion, sport, sustainable energies, the wine industry...).


My philosophy is to have high availability!

I am reliable, accurate, have fast response rates and am very available. I always respect  deadlines and I work in collaboration with you to ensure the best results. 


See You Soon, A Presto, A bientôt!

Marketing Translator 

Translations from English/Italian into French

I translate all types of documents from English and Italian into French in very diverse domains (marketing, business management, logistics, IT, the environment, fashion, tourism, etc.).


As a marketing translator, I can translate your brochures, market studies, website content, advertising campaigns, E-marketing campaigns and internal communications. 

Proofreading in French

I also offer my proofreading services in French to correct the terminology and potential errors in your translated documents. 

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